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Picture of Mr Robert Gumede

Robert Matana Gumede

The Guma Group of companies, founded by selfmade entrepreneurial businessman, Robert Matana Gumede (45), is a black owned, hands-on operations and investment power house intensely focused on adding value and initiating growth by means of operational and managerial participation. With broad-based shareholding and a development community trust, Keni Development Trust, Guma is able to offer unsurpassed strategies for commercial success while upholding the agenda of transformation in South Africa and beyond. Guma Group is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and operates throughout the African continent, as well as Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia through its various subsidiaries and who employs over 12 000 staff members.

Guma was originally founded as Gijima Group, with all of its subsidiaries trading under the Gijima banner. In 2005, Gijima executed a reverse takeover of Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services company, AST, and formed GijimaAst Limited. In order to avoid confusion between the newly formed company and the existing Gijima Group, a decision was taken to change the name of Gijima and its subsidiaries to Guma Group, whilst all the other Guma subsidiaries will bare the Guma name.

Guma’s outstanding management skills are paramount to the hands-on methodology which we haves adopted in all our business ventures. In instances where Guma’s ownership is less than 50%, strategic resources are provided to assist with the management, recruitment and growth of suitable senior personnel, particularly highly-skilled black managers to ensure BEE transformation targets are met. Where the enterprise is wholly owned or Guma retains the majority shareholding, professional managers or executive directors are drawn from within the group of companies or are sought out and appointed depending on the needs of the particular sector. Our objective is to invest in a management team that shares our ethos of entrepreneurial excellence.

Guma, whilst diversified, seeks to maintain synergy amongst the group of independent operating concerns; seasoned managers, good corporate governance and superior business growth strategies guarantee profitability and year-on-year advancement.

The Guma Group of companies employs over 12 000 highly skilled staff members on five continents. The Guma Group is a diversified hands-on, value adding and entrepreneurial group focussed in four sectors of our world economy, namely: ICT, Mining, Tourism and Industrial sectors.

Guma boasts proactive investments in all of the following divisions:

  1. Information Communication and Technologies (ICT)
    • System Integration and Services
    • Smart Card Technologies
    • Telecommunications
    • Media
  2. Mining Resources
  3. Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality
  4. Industrial
    • Infrastructure Development and Construction
    • Property Development and Ownership
    • Asset Valuation
    • Project Management Consulting
    • Supply Chain Management

Through our vast entrepreneurial acumen, impeccable empowerment credentials, highly skilled management, respect for and adherence to sound corporate governance and fervent attention to detail, Guma is perfectly positioned within the African continent to grow its business on its own or with partners, identify new partnerships and possibilities that, not only maximise return on investment, but most importantly, contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs, thereby eliminating poverty.

Our proven track record in various African countries makes Guma the indisputable partner of choice for global companies seeking African opportunities and involvement. Guma is the gateway to Africa, as Africa represents the glorious, unexploited prospects that exist within this vibrant, incandescent continent.